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Healthcare Professionals Law

I represent medical professionals with a deep understanding of the unique issues they face.

As a business lawyer, I can help you with the business aspects of your medical practice. This includes noncompetes, finance leases, and contracts. I’ve helped my healthcare clients handle issues with their employees, including defending claims for unemployment and pursuing claims for employee theft.

Insurance companies are looking out for their bottom line. Many times, that means they are not looking out for your best interests.

Having started my law practice as a malpractice defense attorney, representing physicians, I know how hard malpractice litigation can be on healthcare providers. I help my clients in their defense of malpractice claims. As personal counsel, I work with medical professionals who have been sued to understand their rights under their insurance policies and Florida law. We can make demands on your insurance company to do what is in your best interests as a medical professional – not in theirs.

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