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Business Litigation

It would be wonderful if everything always worked the way you expected in the business world and everyone was honest. Unfortunately, that isn’t the real world. When you have real world problems with your business, we can help you.

Did you enter into a contract with someone who promised to do something for you but didn’t follow through?

We represent clients in actions involving written contracts, oral contracts, and questionable contracts. We can help you understand your rights and what the law can do for you (remedies). Is a lawsuit the answer? Not always. Sometimes you are better off trying to resolve issues without litigation. We can help you evaluate your options and what course is best for you.

Did you receive a defective good or service?

Is someone suing you to get you to pay for something you didn’t receive or wasn’t what you were promised? We defend our clients’ rights and make sure they get the right representation.

Do you have a problem with your landlord?

Is your common area maintenance (CAM) charge unreasonable? We have helped our clients save thousands of dollars on their lease by helping with early termination or adjusting the terms of the lease.

Do you have noncompete, restrictive covenant, trade secret, or unfair competition concerns?


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