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Estate Planning

Estate planning is avoided by many mostly because it forces thoughts of a time when they are no longer living.  With the proper knowledge and education preparing and maintaining your estate plan will provide you with a sense of accomplishment and pride knowing you have properly cared for yourself and your loved ones.  It is my goal to take the time necessary to educate my clients so they can make the appropriate decisions for themselves and each of their beneficiaries.

Every estate plan will be different because every person’s life is different but there are components of a good estate plan.  A good estate plan will include either a Will or a Trust to dispose of all of your assets from your jewelry, to your home to your money.  A good estate plan will include a living will and designation of health care surrogate to determine who makes medical decisions for you if you are unable.  A good estate plan will include either a limited, durable or springing power of attorney to help take care of you and your stuff if you are unable. A good estate plan will include guardianship provisions in your Will or a designation of Preneed Guardian to nominate who takes care of your minor children. 

I have never met a client that wants the Court to decide who takes care of them, themselves, their stuff or their children without any input from them.  This can happen if you do not engage in proper estate planning. 

Five things you probably don’t know but should know about Estate Planning

  1. The State of Florida has written a will for you and has included itself as a beneficiary.   
  2. A Florida Attorney makes more money when you pass away or become incapacitated without proper estate planning than with proper estate planning. 
  3. You do not have to be rich to have a Trust. 
  4. When properly explained, most clients will choose a Trust over a Last Will and Testament. 
  5. Your loved ones want you to engage in proper estate planning it will help them deal with your passing.